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Grave insets

Due to customer needs we have started to provide granite insets and memorial stones for your loved ones resting place. The insets sit on the floor and prevent weeds etc from invading the area making it look unkempt. You can choose to have a solid piece of polished granite placed on the floor and/or you can have a granite border for around the graveside.

As an option a vase can be installed with dry flowers. This will leave the grave looking well kept and cared for with minimal maintenance.

Memorial/Rememberance Stones

We also provide small memorial/rememberance stones which can be individually made to suit your requirements and are perfect for crematorium/home gardens. These are also used as an addition along side grave stones to mark a special occasion/anniversary or indeed can be used as a small gravestone in itself as apposed to having a standard size headstone.



Whether it be individual, or multiple holding capsules, we make bespoke urns to your specifications. These special pieces can be for your home, by the graveside or placed in a crematorium.

Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials can be a great comfort and a wonderful way to celebrate your pet’s life. At AMB our highly trained team of experts work closely with you throughout the process to ensure your pets gets the memorial stone they deserve.