Stone Radiators

This is the future of heating!

Our natural stone (marble) storage heater works with almost no convection. Its rays of heat are reflected by the walls, the ceiling, the floor and even the objects in the room/your furniture, thus flooding each room with pleasant, comfortable warmth – almost like a tiled stove or even the sun itself. The whole room absorbs the warmth slowly and just as slowly emits it again, in this way becoming a radiator itself. Because of this the temperature you choose according to your individual sense of well-being can be 3 degrees lower than with a conventional heating system. This will decrease/lower the costs and save up to 18% of the needed energy. Furthermore natural stone has the ability to take in moisture like a sponge and give it off again when the need arises. This enables the storage heater to keep the humidity of 52-58%, which is ideal for your well feeling, constant in all rooms.

Warmth as it is given to us by Mother Nature. Comfortable living with timeless material. Heating with head and heart that helps to save energy. Be inspired by the wide range of different designs and arrangement possibilities. See for yourself that radiators don’t have to be white and dull, the the air indoors doesn’t have to be dry and that marble is much cheaper than you would have expected.